Rack MethodOverride With Params

Rack MethodOverride With Params solves the issue where POST requests with _method as a query param do not use _method's value as the HTTP method in Rails etc that use Rack MethodOverride.

It does this by extending Rack::MethodOverride and overriding it so it looks at both query params and form params. So you can use it anywhere you were using Rack::MethodOverride

To use it with Rack Builder

require 'rack-methodoverride-with-params'
use Rack::MethodOverrideWithParams

to use it with Rails

add it to the Gemfile

gem 'rack-methodoverride-with-params'

swap Rack::MethodOverride in config/environment.rb

config.middleware.swap Rack::MethodOverride, Rack::MethodOverrideWithParams


There is not much here, but if you want to play around, clone the project, run the specs and hack away.

I probably won't be actively working on this much as it is really simple, but if you ping me about it on github or twitter(I'm baroquebobcat), I'll help you out.